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61555: RED&BLUE SS 24"3/4X3/4 F CONN

iPlumb.tv - Colored Flex Connectors - RED&BLUE SS 24"3/4X3/4 F CONN

Corrugated 304 Stainless Steel Water-Flex Connectors Patent Pending and Color Coded Sold in a Pair. One Red 24" 3/4" FPT SWV x 3/4" FPT SWV. Epoxy & Polyester coated. No more guessing which is Hot or Cold. Double corrosion protection with both epoxy and polyester over 304 stainless steel. The most durable water heater connector on the market. Benefits of Corrugated 304 Stainless Steel include; Increased Flexibility - Doesn't Harden Like Copper, Superior Corrosion Resistance - Will Not Cause Electrolysis, Higher Burst Strength Than Copper, No Dielectric Union Required, Full Flow Connection - No Restrictions, UPC Approved

UPC: 00917123883932

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