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40267: RB STAND-OFF CLIPS 3/8" BX 100

iPlumb.tv - PEX Installation Products - RB STAND-OFF CLIPS 3/8" BX 100

PEX Installation Products, RB STAND-OFF CLIPS 3/8" BOX OF 100. FOR USE IN RB-6 PNEUMATIC CLIP GUN AND RB-5 MANUAL CLIP GUN. Installations with the patented RB Stand-Off Clips are far superior to any other method of tubing attachment. Each clip fits perfectly without damaging the tubing - secured with nails, not staples - no nicking, no com- pressing, no piercing. The stand-off design of the clip pulls the tubing up into the clip and off the surface. This, along with the polyethylene material of the clip, virtually eliminates expansion noises, as it prevents wear-and-tear from the tubing's movement. Installations with the RB-Stand-Off Clips are strong. Two galvanized nails driven 5/8" into the wood provide holding power that is secure and long-lasting. 0 For use in: radiant heating systems potable water systems For use on: radiant heating tubing PEX, CPVC water pipe For use with: RB-6 Pneumatic Clip Gun RB-5 Manual Clip Gun

UPC: 00742979402675

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