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06418: 1/2 PEX NUT

iPlumb.tv - PEX Fittings Flair It Bulk - 1/2 PEX NUT

PEX Fittings Flair It Bulk, 1/2" Flair-It nut. Fits 1/2" Flair-It fittings. Slide nut over PEX pipe. Rock the Flair-It fitting into PEX pipe. Slide nut back toward Flair-It fitting. Hand tighten nut onto Flair-It fitting as far as you can. Test fitting by turning on the water. If it leaks, tighten the nut a few more turns. You may need the help of a Flair-It wrench (#06390 or #06391).

UPC: 00742979064187

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